Laser Machines

Lasers for Lease

A LASER YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY! We offer small and medium-sized companies a simple, carefree and cheap way to get a top laser engraving machine, suitable for stamp production, digital cutting, engraving and description of labels, engraving and cutting of wood, cutting of board materials or description of promotional items. We offer two types – Rayjet 50 mainly for start-ups and small businesses, and Speedy 300 (replaces Rayjet 300) for everyone else. You can rent it for a month, a year or 4 years, including optional accessories, including a professional exhaust. Insurance and guarantee of functionality free of charge for the entire rental period! After the end of the lease, you can decide on a new lease – or buy the machine.

Compact Lasers

The Rayjet 50 and Speedy 100 series comprises flatbed lasers that are ideal for entry-level users. These compact laser engravers are available with a work area of up to 24 x 12 inch.

Mid-Size Laser Machines

Here you can find medium-sized, premium-class laser cutting and engraving machines with a working surface of up to 1016 x 610 mm. Choose from CO2 lasers and Speedy flexx laser machines, which combine both laser sources in one machine (CO2 and fiber laser).

Large Cutting Lasers

This product area includes large-format laser cutting and engraving machines that provide a working area of up to 3.2 x 2.2 m, making them ideal for laser cutting. These laser machines can be used for efficient processing of large format materials with maximum accuracy.

Economical engraving and cutting lasers

The Q Series lasers are the cutting machines you really need: It combines all the benefits of the Trotec lasers you need for efficient laser cutting and sets the standard. With a work surface of up to 1300 x 900 mm and a laser power of 60 W, it cuts and engraves various materials: You can process acrylic and wood, fabrics, paper or cardboard and produce brands, handicrafts, models or decorative items. The Q series is a reliable laser machine for production.

Industrial Lasers

Megaflex SHINE and Trotec galvo marking lasers and marking stations for industrial use offer you maximum reliability. Thanks to the integrated galvo marking heads, they allow for laser marking at maximum speed. Select the optimal machine for your processes and existing plants from our range of marking lasers. Our laser machines come with a customizable software and numerous interfaces and are therefore ideally suited for system integration.

Industrial lasers for integration

Megaflex SHINE II Fiber, Megaflex SHINE II CO₂, Trotec SpeedMarker CO2 and SpeedMarker FL laser devices are designed for integration into industrial lines and workstations. Laser systems are built into single-purpose machinery and are controlled by its own PLC. The laser systems themselves are controlled by their own control programs (SCAPS or SpeedMark), in which marking tasks can be created. At the same time, however, they can load data from external files (TXT, XLS) into marking tasks, and of course the possibility of cooperation with the superior control system. They contain a minimum of moving parts, the laser beam is swept across the work surface by two mirrors, placed on precision galvanometers. They require minimal maintenance. The laser control unit is equipped with a number of input / output interfaces and enables control of the laser system, eg from a PLC production line or workstation.


Workstations are supplied either in a standard design as a table or freestanding, or in a special design according to the customer’s wishes. They can be equipped with a manual or automatic Z-axis for adjusting the focal length, a fixed, retractable or automatic rotary table to optimize the handling of marked objects during marking. With a large number of described products, the right solution is to install a laser directly into the production line or to build a single-purpose device. Thanks to their technological properties, SHINE lasers are directly destined for robust, reliable but easy integration

Compact industrial lasers

The compact SpeedMarker 50 and 300 industrial lasers are the ideal solution for fast laser marking. The devices are supplied with the SpeedMark control program with intuitive control, which is able to process variables, communicate with the superior system and ensure a smooth work process. The basis of all devices is a high-speed industrial fiber laser SpeedMarker FL, which is ideal for marking metals and plastics.

Economical industrial lasers

Rayjet U50 compact industrial lasers are the ideal solution for fast laser marking. The devices are delivered with the UMark control program with intuitive operation. With the U-series marking lasers, you can quickly and easily mark individual pieces as well as small and medium batches. The U-Series products are equipped with high-quality optical elements and scanners – both components provide precisely marked components. UMark software allows you to mark your information on an object in an instant. It allows you to generate codes, import data files or graphics, and create texts. This software also has a material database so that you can use the correct parameters as quickly as possible. The basis of all devices is a high-speed industrial fiber laser UMark, which is ideal for marking metals and painting plastics.

Trotec standalone workstations

Trotec workstations for larger operations are designed for marking large and bulky parts, as well as a large number of small parts in containers. They can be used in many different industries, including automotive, medical and electrical engineering. They can be equipped with a maintenance-free fiber laser enabling marking at speeds of up to 640 characters per second for marking metals and plastics, as well as a CO2 laser suitable for organic materials (SpeedMarker 700). The SpeedMark program is used for control.


Trotec lasers for marking, engraving and cutting are supplied in such a configuration that they can be used immediately - of course after installation by our technicians and initial training in operation and maintenance. In addition to standard accessories such as a laser pointer, metal table or JobControl software, it is suitable for some applications, to increase productivity or for greater operator comfort, to supplement the laser with optional accessories.