Laser Machines

Compact Lasers

The Speedy 100 series comprises flatbed lasers that are ideal for entry-level users. These compact laser engravers are available with a work area of up to 24 x 12 inch.

Lasers for Lease

You do not need to buy a laser now. You can simply and reasonably rent it for one month to 4 years. Service included.


Velkoformátové lasery

Kompaktní lasery

Kompaktní lasery

Fast Marking Lasers

With laser ProMarker we offer marking laser working with galvo laser technology for high speed laser marking. Standalone workstation SpeedMarker GS offers fast, accurate and durable digital sculpting and engraving cutting paper.

Industrial Lasers

Megaflex SHINE and Trotec galvo marking lasers and marking stations for industrial use offer you maximum reliability. Thanks to the integrated galvo marking heads, they allow for laser marking at maximum speed. Select the optimal machine for your processes and existing plants from our range of marking lasers. Our laser machines come with a customizable software and numerous interfaces and are therefore ideally suited for system integration.

Accessories & Software

Exhaust systems, software, Multi Color Jet, and consumables

Large Lasers

This product area comprises large-size laser cutting machines & laser engraving machines that provide a work area of up to 59 x 49 inch and are therefore excellently suited for laser cutting. Use these laser machines for working on large-size materials efficiently and with maximum precision.

Mid-Size Laser Machines

Here you can find mid-size laser cutting machines & laser engraving machines of the premium class with a work area of up to 39 x 24 inch. Choose among CO2 lasers, fiber lasers (Speedy fiber) and laser machines that combine both laser sources in one machine (Speedy flexx). With the ProMarker, we additionally offer you a marking laser operating with galvo laser technology for high-speed laser marking.