Work and cutting tables

Multifunctional table concept

More tables – more possibilities For the SP500 Trotec has developed a unique, multifunctional table concept. Depending on the application

Honeycomb cutting table

A Honeycomb cutting table can optionally be used when dividing materials. The use of a cutting table reduces back reflections from the work table, which can cause damage to the lower part of the material being cut.

Ferro-Magnetic Work Table

The working table is ferro-magnetic over the entire surface. This means that you can simply use magnets to hold thin materials, such as paper, foils or films, in place.

Vacuum Table

The vacuum table holds the material in place on the work table and reduces the handling effort during fastening of the material.

Black aluminium grid table

This robust universal cutting table features extremely stable combs and a long service life. This is particularly suitable for cutting

White acrylic grid table

Universal cutting table for thin plexiglass cutting up to 8 mm thickness without reflection. As with the black aluminum cutting

Cutting table with lamellas

The cutting table with aluminum slats is mainly used for cutting thicker materials (from 8mm thick) and for parts wider