Multifunctional table concept

More tables – more possibilities

For the SP500 Trotec has developed a unique, multifunctional table concept. Depending on the application the ideal table can be selected and changed easily and quickly. This concept is also used for Speedy 400 and Speedy 360.

Slat Cutting Table

The cutting table with aluminum slats is mainly used for cutting thicker materials (8 mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100 mm. Acrylics can be cut with no reflections by exchanging the aluminum with acrylic slats. One can reduce the number of supporting points by removing some of them individually, depending on the job.

Aluminum Cutting Grid Table

This robust, universal cutting table is characterized by extremely stable combs and a long lifetime. It is particularly suitable for cutting tasks with parts smaller than 100 mm, as these remain in a flat position after the cut. Compared to the cutting table the aluminum cutting grid table has more supporting points.

Acrylic Cutting Grid Table

The universal cutting table for the reflection-free cutting of thin acrylics with a thickness up to 8 mm. Like with the aluminum cutting grid table parts smaller than 100 mm remain in a flat position after the cut.

Vacuum Table with Honeycomb Cutting Tabletop

This processing table is especially suitable for applications that require minimal back reflections and optimum flatness of the material, like for example the cutting of membrane switches. The very thin honeycombs are sensitive in terms of transportation, handling and storage.