Corporate History

1990 – The Start

The Founder, Milan Boehm, started in 1990 the distribution of TRODAT self-inking rubber stamps in former Czechoslovakia. The fast-growing market made it possible to invest the profit as well in development and production of technology for rubber stamp dies making.

1992 – Foundation of Megaflex, Ltd.

In April 1992 Milan Boehm with a partner started limited company, oriented in production of vulcanizing presses, the top-quality technology of the day. Successfully they sold more than 20 high-tech presses for smooth rubber stamp production.
Anyway, by the end of 1992 the partners decided to friendly split and Milan Boehm took over the whole Megaflex company.

1993 – Change of the company structure

As of January 1993, Megaflex has taken over not only the technological part of the business but the distribution of TRODAT rubber stamps as well. All recent employees followed Mr. Boehm to Megaflex.

1994 First flat-bed laser Megaflex SHARK S-30

Czechoslovakia was during the communist time the center of laser development for the whole “socialist” part of the world. The perfect technicians and software engineers lost their jobs with the fall of the “Soviet Empire” and were ready to cooperate. Thanks to these top-notch laser experts we were able to make the first flat-bed laser for engraving of rubber stamp dies.
During the following years we produced a few tens of this laser machines. Surprisingly, some of these lasers are still in successful operation (!)

1997 Foundation of Trotec-Laser Comp.

With the same motivation but with much larger scale of money and logistics, TRODAT as the number one in stamp business, founded a branch company, TROTEC-LASER. The orientation was clear: production of lasers, basically for stamp production.

Thanks to their extreme capability and worldwide net of distributors they very soon became the No 1 in lasers for marking and engraving and are market leaders in many of the 120 countries, where represented. Not surprisingly, the TROTEC representation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia has been MEGAFLEX ever since…

Megaflex now

Today, Megaflex is not only undeniable leader in sales of self-inking stamps in Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also an important player on the field of lasers for marking and engraving.

Thanks to close cooperation with TROTEC-LASER we can offer high-end flatbed laser systems and with our own fiber lasers with galvo-heads also top professional equipment for industrial marking, incl. marking on the fly.

Since nineties, we have been distributing full range of laser engravable sheets. In 2013 we´ve expanded our offer by exclusively distributing famous signage systems made by Triline.

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