Exhausts, fans, pre-filters

Atmos Laser Exhaust System

Atmos exhaust systems filter particles and odors. They set new standards in terms of comfort during handling, efficiency, and running costs.

Atmos Nano Exhaust System

The Atmos Nano exhaust system is the ultra compact choice for fiber laser marking applications. It has a small footprint and fits neatly beneath a workstation.

Atmos Cube Exhaust System

Continuous improvement has led to the development of the latest system in the Atmos portfolio. The Atmos Cube replaces the

Vent Series

The Trotec Vent series has been designed as a simple extraction system for specific configurations of laser machines. They guarantee

Prefilter VA5

Prefilters: Pre-separators for high-dust laser engraving and cutting applications Trotec offers an exhaust system specially designed for engraving or cutting

Mechanical pre-filter EKO

The mechanical pre-filter for the laser is especially suitable for manufacturers of stamping plates. A passive device with a high degree of filtration is connected between the laser and the extractor and its task is to capture as much dust as possible and thus extend the life of the main mechanical filter in the extractor.

Exhaust system EKO 121

 During laser marking (especially marking in plastics, rubber, …) often arise fumes which have to be sucked and filtered. The

Suction throttle

It supports the regulation of air flow between the exhaust system and the laser.