Megaflex SERVANT 1000F Table – table workstation for integration of fiber or CO2 lasers

Technical parameters
  • external dimensions 510 x 630 x 970 mm (W x D x H)
  • internal space: 450 x 600 mm
  • working field with F theta lens 160 = 110 x 110 mm
  • working field with F theta lens 254 = 160 x 160 mm
  • for fiber lasers 10 – 50 W
  • fixed or variable pulse length (MOPA)
  • wheels and handle for easy transport
  • two carrying handles
  • weight 69 kg

Desktop workstation with a height of 970 mm, a floor plan of 520 x 630 mm and an internal space of 450 x 600 mm. Maximum height of marked object 323 mm (applies to F theta lens 160 mm).

Standard with fixed table, electric Z axis, manually opening front door. Easy focusing with focus diodes. Design for comfortable work for seated operators.


Optional accessories to adapt to marking needs

  • F theta lens 254 mm for a working field of 180 x 180 mm
  • rotary unit with chuck for marking cylindrical objects
  • LEDs for lighting the interior space
  • connection for a contaminated air extractor


According to customer needs, SHINE II Fiber lasers are equipped with a standard YLP laser with a fixed pulse length, or with a MOPA laser with a variable pulse length. The systems are controlled by the comfortable Megaflex SCAPS SAMLight 2D software enabling work in Windows 10 and 11 environments. For possible transport, the desktop workstation is equipped with two wheels and a handle, and two handles are used for carrying. Control PC with display is not part of the delivery. A desktop PC or laptop can be used. The laptop is optionally supplied with an adjustable holder.


  • small footprint
  • mobility
  • marking of cylindrical surfaces
  • high productivity
  • simple, comfortable operation
  • user friendly software
  • offer of optional equipment



You can also rent a desktop workstation for a month, a year or 4 years, including professional extraction equipment. Insurance and functionality guarantee for free for the entire rental period! After the end of the lease, you can decide on a new lease – or buy the machine.

Standard equipment

  • laser with a power of 20W
  • control program SCAPS SAMLight 2D
  • desktop workstations
  • doors with interlocks for easy handling of large objects
  • motorized Z axis with control from the control program
  • travel wheels
  • operation and maintenance training


Optional equipment

  • f-theta lens 100 mm, 160 mm, 254 mm or 330 mm
  • 3D module for the control program SCAPS SAMLight
  • optical focus finder
  • rotary unit with chuck
  • electronically controlled suction device Atmos Nano with two-stage filtration
  • pre-filter with manual cleaning
  • notebook including the necessary software
  • transportation to the customer (including training): price according to the distance from the MEGAFLEX headquarters for the price: 19 CZK/km
  • pick-up from the customer: price according to the distance from the MEGAFLEX headquarters at a price of 19 CZK/km


Please contact us for details and a possible draft equipment rental agreement.

Standard equipment

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Optional accessories

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    Produkt: Megaflex SERVANT 1000F Table - table workstation for integration of fiber or CO2 lasers

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      Product: Megaflex SERVANT 1000F Table - table workstation for integration of fiber or CO2 lasers

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