About us

A leading international developer and manufacturer of lasers. We manufacture and sell fiber and CO2 laser systems for engraving, marking and cutting various materials. We focus mainly on the Czech and Slovak markets and EU countries.

Who is Megaflex?

Megaflex is a typical successful Czech start-up of the 1990s. It was created because we lacked modern technology for the production of stamp sticks for TRODAT self-inking stamps, which its founder had already distributed in Czechoslovakia at the time.

The first successful Megaflex product was stamp vulcanizing presses. But when the first small engraving lasers appeared in the USA, we already built a prototype laser for the production of stamp stamps in 1994. The first twenty pieces we produced significantly changed the situation on our market. Without the laser, the stamp maker was suddenly a bit out of date…

The need for large investments and the need to sell on the world market, not just on the domestic market, soon led to the fact that we began to distribute the excellent TROTEC surface lasers. The need for innovation is currently represented by SHINE fiber marking lasers, used mainly for industrial marking or cutting. They, too, form an undoubted technological leader on the Czech and Slovak market.

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We have been operating on the laser market for over 30 years
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Who is Trotec

A subsidiary of the world leader in the production of self-inking stamps, the Austrian TRODAT,  felt the same need as Megaflex: to have current technology for the production of stamp sticks. Thanks to the enormous financial strength and organizational skills of the managers, TROTEC quickly became the world leader in the field of surface lasers, focused on high quality and an excellent performance/price ratio. Today, Trotec is a recognized technological leader on the international market of laser cutting and engraving machines.


Innovation in the field of lasers

Trotec sees it as its duty to continue to develop and improve laser machines for its customers. An example in this regard is the Speedy 300 flexx, which, as the first laser system in the world, combines CO2 and fiber laser technology in one machine and which you can also find in the Speedy 100 flexx and Speedy 400 flexx.

With 300 employees working in 13 branches, it offers its customers international services in a mature sales network. Every client who chooses a TROTEC laser is confident that they have purchased a technologically advanced device that meets the highest safety standards.