Trotec Speedy 50 – CO2 engraving and cutting laser

Technical parameters
  • Laser type: CO2 laser with 30 W
  • Work area: 457 x 305 mm
  • max. engraving speed: 150 cm/s
  • Max. workpiece height: 145 mm
Additional parameters
  • stepper motors for precise movement of the laser head
  • external dimensions: 726 x 412 x 680 mm
  • max. load capacity table: 10 kg
  • control: PC with Win 10, 11

Speedy 50 is a compact, affordable engraving and cutting laser for stamp makers, engravers, designers and schools. Its user-friendly software allows engraving on many different materials. Speedy 50 can engrave materials such as rubber, wood, paper, textiles, plastics, metals and more. Easy operation and great reliability make it the ideal machine not only for starting a business.


Speedy 50 – features

  • Plug and Ray – easy installation of the engraving machine and the control program, including the correct setting of the engraving parameters
  • Trotec Ruby control program – intuitive and pleasant control
  • the power of the laser allows you to use almost always the full speed of 150 cm/s during engraving
  • quality optics
  • stepper motors for precise movement of the laser head
  • compact engraver dimensions
  • possibility of replacement of worn mechanical parts by the user
  • easy laser tube replacement
  • rich optional accessories
  • Atmos Cube exhaust



You can rent the Speedy 50 with a power of 30 W for a month, a year or 4 years, including a professional extraction device. Insurance and functionality guarantee for free for the entire rental period! After the end of the lease, you can decide on a new lease – or buy the machine.

Standard accessories:

  • control program Trotec Ruby
  • Air assist – blowing of the work surface
  • software focusing
  • laser pointer
  • electronically controlled Z axis
  • metal table
  • lens 2.0″
  • training in the operation and maintenance of the engraver when taking over the equipment at Megaflex


Optional items:

  • electronically controlled suction device Atmos Cube
  • ventilator
  • pre-filter with manual cleaning or automatic cleaning
  • Honeycomb cutting table (recommended for cutting)
  • rotary attachment with cones for engraving cylindrical objects around the perimeter
  • trolley for the laser
  • transportation to the customer (including training): price according to the distance from the MEGAFLEX headquarters at a price of CZK 19/km


You can arrange a lease for a fixed period of time:

  • 48 consecutive calendar months at a price from CZK 7,932 per month
  • 12 consecutive calendar months for a price from CZK 10,153 per month
  • 1 calendar month for a price from CZK 14,278

All stated prices are understood to be exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
After the end of the lease, you can decide on a new lease – or buy the machine.

The rent includes a full and free service with a guarantee of machine function within 3 days and the usual equipment insurance.

The lessee has the right to terminate the contract at any time, even without giving a reason, within a three-month period.

The device is designed and manufactured for the “Plug and Ray” system, i.e. “Connect and Engrave”. Installation and startup does not require any special skills or knowledge and can be easily done by any more experienced computer user. But you can also have it installed by us.

Please contact us for details and possibly filling out your equipment rental contract.

Standard equipment

Improves the laser engraving on many materials while also protecting the optics of the laser engraving machine.

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The working table is ferro-magnetic over the entire surface. This means that you can simply use magnets to hold thin materials, such as paper, foils or films, in place.

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The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.

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Trotec Ruby is a new software platform and provides a new user interface. Use the integrated workflow to create graphics,…

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With the Software Autofocus, the laser beam is focused for laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting with just one press of the button.

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Optional accessories

Continuous improvement has led to the development of the latest system in the Atmos portfolio. The Atmos Cube replaces the…

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A Honeycomb cutting table can optionally be used when dividing materials. The use of a cutting table reduces back reflections from the work table, which can cause damage to the lower part of the material being cut.

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The mechanical pre-filter for the laser is especially suitable for manufacturers of stamping plates. A passive device with a high degree of filtration is connected between the laser and the extractor and its task is to capture as much dust as possible and thus extend the life of the main mechanical filter in the extractor.

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Prefilters: Pre-separators for high-dust laser engraving and cutting applications Trotec offers an exhaust system specially designed for engraving or cutting…

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Is required for laser engraving round, cylindrical and conical objects, such as glasses or bottles. Simply insert it in the engraving compartment and attach.

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The trolley table converts your Speedy into a standing unit. Also available with storage shelf for essential materials.

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The Trotec Vent series has been designed as a simple extraction system for specific configurations of laser machines. They guarantee…

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