Trotec Ruby – Digital Laser Software

Trotec Ruby is a new software platform and provides a new user interface.

Use the integrated workflow to create graphics, photos, and text elements and make quick edits. You can switch between the “design” and “preparation” steps at any time in a single software that is both a graphics and a laser program. Ruby software allows you to directly import files from PDF, SVG, and PNG files.

Trotec Ruby connects all your laser machines on a network, either locally or in the cloud, allowing users to distribute jobs to multiple machines from a PC or Mac. The jobs will be loaded into the integrated memory of the laser machine and processed without the need for an additional computer. Thanks to the new workflow, tasks can be prepared by one user and processed by another user at any time and from anywhere. Ruby also allows various roles and rights in user management. Complete automation of business processes is possible with an open programming interface – Ruby API.

A smooth, explanatory workflow begins with design and continues with preparation and production. The integrated guide provides additional tips if needed. A cloud-based materials database will help you improve laser processing results. The user selects the material and material effects, and Ruby provides the correct material parameters from the beginning.

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    Produkt: Trotec Ruby - Digital Laser Software

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      Product: Trotec Ruby - Digital Laser Software

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