Laser Safety

Laser safety classes

Laser machines are classified according to different safety classes based on the injury risk for the user and the laser power and wavelength.
  • Laser systems of class 1 are considered safe for the eyes. Extended exposure to radiation will not be harmful to health. In addition, class 1 laser machines are housed in a completely sealed enclosure so that no radiation can escape from the machines.
  • Laser systems of class 2 comprise visible lasers that are only safe for the eyes if exposure is short.
  • Laser systems of class 3 are not associated with any risk in the event of short-term, accidental exposure. However, there might be a risk of injury if these laser systems are used incorrectly by unqualified users. Users should be particularly mindful of reflections (e. g. caused by reflective material surfaces).
  • Laser systems of class 4 may cause damage to eyes and skin or ignite a fire within the danger area of the machine. Users working with machines of this laser class are compelled to strictly observe the safety regulations.

Closed concept of Trotec laser machines

Thanks to the closed design of Trotec lasers, your operating staff is optimally protected. In addition, this concept allows for quick and efficient extraction of dust and gas. The enclosed Trotec flatbed laser machines fall under laser safety class 2. Why only laser class 2? Trotec machines include a laser pointer that indicates the user where the laser hits the material. According to the internationally valid standard, laser pointers fall under laser safety class 2.

Trotec laser machines – special cases with laser class 4

However, two exceptions must be mentioned here: If a Trotec laser plotter is equipped with a pass-through, the closed concept is opened and the laser machine will then fall under laser safety class 4. The situation is similar for Trotec galvo marking lasers. The laser falls under laser safety class 4 if no appropriate enclosure is provided. Laser machines of safety class 4 may only be operated when special protective equipment is provided (protective glass, shields, safety goggles). Naturally, we will be happy to provide you with information and advise you personally on the topic laser safety. Contact us on the topic “Laser safety”.