Industrial lasers for integration

Megaflex SHINE II Fiber, Megaflex SHINE II CO₂, Trotec SpeedMarker CO2 and SpeedMarker FL laser devices are designed for integration into industrial lines and workstations. Laser systems are built into single-purpose machinery and are controlled by its own PLC. The laser systems themselves are controlled by their own control programs (SCAPS or SpeedMark), in which marking tasks can be created. At the same time, however, they can load data from external files (TXT, XLS) into marking tasks, and of course the possibility of cooperation with the superior control system. They contain a minimum of moving parts, the laser beam is swept across the work surface by two mirrors, placed on precision galvanometers. They require minimal maintenance. The laser control unit is equipped with a number of input / output interfaces and enables control of the laser system, eg from a PLC production line or workstation.