Trotec SpeedMarker CO2 OEM Marking Laser

Galvo CO2 laser for industrial marking & labeling

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CO2 laser marking for industrial applications

With the SpeedMarker CO2, Trotec offers you a precise and reliable CO2 marking laser for industrial applications. Mark products and electronic components with codes, serial numbers and logos for identification and tracking purposes.

High marking speed and laser power

The most impressive feature the SpeedMarker CO2 offers is its high marking speed. With the integrated galvo laser technology, it reaches top speeds of more than 400 characters per second. It is thus excellently suited for marking moving parts, for example on conveyor belts (marking-on-the-fly). Furthermore, with its high laser power of up to 100 watt, the SpeedMarker CO2 laser can be used for both laser engraving and laser cutting.

Integration into existing plants

The SpeedMarker CO2 galvo marking laser was especially developed for integration into existing processes and plants. Thanks to its modular structure and the large number of available options, you can optimally adapt the galvo marking laser to your requirements. It can be controlled directly via its numerous interfaces. In addition, the included SpeedMark marking software can be optimally customized to your processes and can be controlled individually by User Rights Management.

A great variety of applications

Typical applications for the SpeedMarker CL galvo marking laser:

  • Cutting and engraving paper and paperboard
  • Engraving type plates
  • Engraving wooden barrels
  • Cutting and engraving acrylic displays and signs
  • Cutting and engraving leather
  • Labeling foodstuff

Very fast CO2 laser for marking, engraving and cutting. It is designed for installation in existing or new production lines, but can also be integrated into a separate workstation. The laser beam is scattered on the work surface by two galvanometrically tilted mirrors. Easy integration, no wear of mechanical parts, reliable control software, fast and lasting description – these are just some of the advantages of this laser.

Basic set-up

It is a very robust computer suitable for industrial environments. Properties: Long life Very fast data access is provided by SSDs Data protection thanks to RAID technology
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Reduce processing time by up to 80% With the integrated galvo technology, our marking lasers are among the fastest marking lasers available in the market. Compared to conventional laser plotters, you can reduce the processing time of your jobs by up to 80%. Speed advantage thanks to galvo technology The galvo technology is based on two very fast moving mirrors that deflect the laser beam in …
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The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.
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Trotec systems are designed and tested for continuous operation. The most important components are hermetically sealed and protected against dust and dirt. Air cooling and the maintenance-free laser source reduce operating costs for Trotec galvo marking lasers to a minimum.
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Optional accessories

The Atmos Nano exhaust system is the ultra compact choice for fiber laser marking applications. It has a small footprint and fits neatly beneath a workstation.
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The focus finder makes focusing the laser considerably easier. With a second pilot laser, you can accurately determine the correct working distance without any tools. You thus ensure precise laser marking and save time during work preparation.
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We offer you the following focus lenses for our galvo marking lasers.       Working fields F-100 Standard: F-160 F-254 F-420 70 x 70 mm 120 x 120 mm 190 x 190 mm 310 x 310 mm Focus diameter ~ 27 µm ~ 45 µm ~ 68 µm ~ 112 µm
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Marking round objects Marking cylindrical and curved objects with the laser requires a rotary engraving unit. Using it, it is possible to mark on the rotating object to make sure that your marking is brought out in an ideal manner. Software-controlled laser marking The SpeedMark laser software provided by Trotec automatically adapts graphics and texts to the curved surface of the workpiece. …
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For integration into industrial production lines and workstations are designed galvolasers Megaflex SHINE II Fiber, Megaflex SHINE II CO2 and Trotec SpeedMarker CO2. Can be controlled either own control program (SCAPS respectively SpeedMark) or externally via PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Of course there is also the possibility of cooperation with superior control system.  
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With the plug&play scanner, you select the marking programs directly by recording the code. Marking processes are thus even easier and safer to complete. In addition, you can use the scanner to check barcodes after the marking process.
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 During laser marking (especially marking in plastics, rubber, ...) often arise fumes which have to be sucked and filtered. The two main reasons are as follows: Protecting of focusing lens: Dirt adhering to the lens can dramatically reduce lifetime of the lens. Hygiene standards: When marking some materials (especially plastics) can rise substances dangerous to human health. …
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Increase the marking speed of your galvo marking laser with the optional high-performance galvos. Work at speeds of more than 500 characters per second for faster and more productive laser marking.
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Laser marking on moving workpieces "Marking on-the-Fly" stands for the marking of moving workpieces. This type of marking is mainly used for continuous manufacturing processes where any standstills of the manufacturing plants would be uneconomical. High demands on the laser machine Marking on-the-fly places the highest demands on precision and speed of the marking laser. On the one hand, the …
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Vodní chladič zabraňuje kolísání výkonu laseru ve složitých klimatických podmínkách.
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The compact galvo desktop workstations U300 and SpeedMarker 300 can be equipped either with a mechanical Z-axis or a software-controlled Z-axis, which also can be controlled by a keypad on the machine. The optimum setup for your application.
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