Glass and Crystal Engraving and Etching

Detailed glass engraving with Trotec laser engraving machines

Glass engraving offers incredible design options. Even the most sophisticated photographs and graphics are engraved directly on wine glasses, beer glasses, bottles or mirrors. Any design that can be printed can also be etched with the laser on glass.

How does laser engraving on glass work?

A laser etched glass is very easy to make. During laser engraving, the material is etched directly. No stencil needs to be produced (as is required for sandblasting, for example).

What effect can I produce on glass?

Laser engraving of glass can be compared to "matting" of the material in some respect. Only the surface of the glass is scored. With the fine laser beam, even the most detailed photo-engraving, but also texts and logos can very easily be applied.

How does engraving on bottles or crystals work?

For engraving glass with the laser, drinking, wine or beer glasses or bottles are clamped into a rotary attachment. It is thus possible to engrave the entire circumference. The JobControl software perfectly supports rotary engraving of glass. All you need to do is define the diameter of the glass and the height of the graphic.

Can the laser also be used for cutting glass?

Cutting glass with the laser is not possible due to the reflective surface of glass.

What other materials can I process?

Glass etching is performed with a CO2 laser. This can also be used for engraving or etching of a wide range of other materials, such as wood, glass, rubber, acrylic and plexiglass, plastics, leather, paper, textiles or foam.