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The experienced team of Megaflex technicians provides installation, warranty and post-warranty repairs, maintenance and modernization of laser engraving, cutting equipment and industrial lasers. Many years of experience, training at the manufacturer and mutual transfer of experience are a guarantee of 100% quality of the services provided.

An obvious part of our services is:

  • technical support by phone or email
  • remote management of the laser by connecting computers via the Internet
  • start within 48 hours of notification, within 24 hours after conclusion of the service contract

PREMIUM and PREMIUM 24 service contract

By concluding a PREMIUM Service Agreement, you ensure regular inspection of your laser system and thus ensure its 100% functionality. At the same time, you will also reduce the risk of a breakdown, which could mean stopping production at the most inopportune moment. We highly recommend PREMIUM service to all post-warranty laser owners. In the event of a breakdown, we guarantee a repair within 48 hours.

The annual subscription is in the range of 5,000 – 9,000 CZK without VAT per calendar year (depending on the type and equipment of the laser system and the location of your company). We also provide PREMIUM service in Slovakia.

With the Servis PREMIUM 24 service contract, you can ensure the start of a service intervention within 24 hours of reporting to Megaflex dispatch. The annual subscription is approximately twice the price of a standard service contract.

The PREMIUM service includes:
  • regular preventive service once a year for a flat rate
  • cleaning of normally inaccessible parts of the laser and suction
  • inspection and possible replacement of worn parts (bearings, belts, optics)
  • precise laser adjustment
  • optics adjustment
  • checking and adjusting mechanics
  • laser source performance control
  • engraving quality settings
And as a bonus:
  • a one-year warranty on the function of the laser (the year-round warranty means that if any further technician intervention is required during the year, you will have it FREE of charge, you will only pay for the necessary spare parts)
  • you will save on the cost of a technician coming to you, and overall costs will be reduced thanks to the ability to properly plan the service.
  • prevention is the best protection against unwanted disorders. And it’s also the cheapest.
Order the Premium service by e-mail at

Technical support by phone

In case of need – technical advice, a question about device settings or a defect (see paragraph “Identification of defects”) – you can contact the technical support staff by phone at +420 284 829 696. Qualified laser experts will help you with any questions or with the elimination of problems. You can also use an email address for communication Before you call us, please note:

  • type of laser device
  • serial number
  • control program version
  • defect number – if it was displayed on the computer

Fault identification

Laser devices are equipped with a fault identification system. If the device stops unexpectedly, the device notifies visually and acoustically of the emergency state. In the case of Trotec lasers, the internal diagnostics system detects the fault and sends the information to the computer. An error message window appears in the JobControl program. It contains the error number, a brief description of the error (in English) and advice for next steps.

Manage the laser using a remote desktop connection.

In addition to the service line, we offer fault diagnosis using a remote maintenance service. A service technician remotely connects to your PC via the Internet and can check the status of your laser software. Many problems can be solved this way in a few minutes. The prerequisite is the use of the client version of Team Viewer, which you can download from this page. Instructions for remote management:

  1. download free remote management software
  2. leave the app name as you download it
  3. install or run the program
  4. our technicians will see your computer in their part of the application and ask you for permission to connect to it
  5. you can monitor the activities of the technicians on your PC during the entire connection period

Spare parts

We keep a permanent stock of the most important spare parts for lasers. This guarantees short delivery times, so we can respond promptly if necessary. The exception is spare laser sources, which we only order if needed due to the warranty. Nevertheless, their delivery time is very short.

Borrowing a replacement system

If the defect is so serious that our technicians are unable to remove it within the usual time frame, we can lend you a complete replacement system until the defect is removed so that you can continue to work.