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Laser machines for engravers, schools, printers and manufacturers.

Shine industrial lasers
for marking

Fiber and CO2 lasers for integration or into workstations.

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ACTION: Resale of Rayjet 50 lasers

As the Rayjet 50 is now being replaced by the Speedy 50, we can offer you a special deal on the remaining units that Trotec has in stock.

The number of machines remaining is limited, so the offer is subject to availability.

Only until 30/06/2024


at a bargain price!

The promotion applies to Trotec lasers from the Speedy range.

Find the laser exactly for you

Are you looking for a suitable laser? Or do you have a production plan and don’t know if a laser would help you? Take a look at our catalog or give us a call, our professionals are here for you.

Speedy line (Slide)
Speedy series
cutting and engraving lasers
Wood Cutting (Slide)
Large format SP series
cutting lasers
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Exports go to European countries

Map of installed Trotec and Shine lasers by Megaflex

We operate throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries.