Laser Engraving Laminates

  What is laminate sheet? Laminates are normally 2-layer, sometimes even 3-layer plastics. The core of these normally consists of acrylic. This core is coated

Laser Cutting & Engraving Wood

  How does laser cutting and laser engraving of wood work? When cutting and engraving wood and timber with the laser, high processing speed and

Laser Cutting Acrylic

  How does cutting and engraving of acrylic with a laser work? The laser cut produces crystal-clear cutting edges and inner contours and no additional

Laser Cutting Paper & Cardboard

  How does laser cutting and laser engraving of paper work? Lasers are particularly well suited for realizing even the finest geometries with maximum precision

Laser Cutting Textiles

  How does laser cutting and engraving of textiles work? Laser engraving refines the surface of the material, thus increasing the quality of the fabric.

Laser Engraving Stone

  How does laser engraving on stone work? Laser engraving melts the surface of the stone. It works directly on the material. Consequently, there is

Laser Cutting and Engraving Plastics

  How does laser cutting of plastics with a laser work? Cutting acrylic is one of the most common laser applications. But other plastics, such as polycarbonate,

Laser Cutting Foam & Filter Mats

  What is special about laser cutting of foam? The laser is a highly flexible tool: Everything is possible, from prototype construction through to series

Laser Engraving Delrin

  How does laser engraving of Delrin for pocket seals work? The positive relief (male) is produced with white letters on a black background, while the negative