Laser Engraving Laminates

Laminate sheets are used for making signs and signage, such as type plates, company signs, nameplates, industrial labels, and many more. Laminates are available in many colors and effects for both indoor and outdoor use. They are therefore very popular for laser engraving.

What is laminate sheet?

Laminates are normally 2-layer, sometimes even 3-layer plastics. The core of these normally consists of acrylic. This core is coated with a thin top layer. When this is removed by engraving, the color of the core material is revealed.

Can I use any type of laminate for laser engraving?

No, only laminate sheet suited for laser engraving and cuting may be used for laminate engraving.

What do I have to pay attention to when engraving laminate sheets?

The top layer of the laminate should be as thin as possible. The thinner the top layer, the quicker this layer can be removed by the laser beam. When engraving laminate, it is also helpful to use a vacuum table as it will hold the laminate tightly on the table during engraving.

Is it also possible to cut laminates with the laser?

Absolutely! We offer you a wide selection of laser cutters of different sizes for laser cutting laminates. Have a look at our product recommendations at the bottom of this page.