Trotec Q500 – A simple large-format cutting laser

Technical parameters
  • Class 2 CO2 laser with a power of 120W (water-cooled)
  • tube type 120W DC
  • Work area: 1300 x 900 mm
  • max. engraving speed: 200 cm/s
  • max. cutting speed: 70 cm/s
  • Max. workpiece height: 30 mm
Additional parameters
  • outer dimensions: 1870 x 1655 x 1110 mm
  • max. material load: 35 kg
  • manual Z axis
  • Controls: PC with Win 10 32 and 64 bit
  • software JobControl, Ruby

Large-format cutting laser with a working area of 1300 x 900 mm and a 120 W DC RECI tube. A cheaper version of the SP500 machine, but it contains new electronics like the new Speedy 400. It enables precise cutting of materials such as acrylic, wood, textile, paper. In addition, with the RF tube, it can engrave quickly and accurately.

Fastest laser cutting with OptiMotion

Maximum cutting speed with the highest cutting quality – that’s what OptiMotionTM motion control stands for – the innovative Trotec motion planning. Cutting speed and acceleration are automatically calculated and optimized in real time based on the geometry. The result: Saves time when creating laser files and determining parameters, high curve quality and maximum throughput. The Q500 is up to eight times faster when cutting than comparable laser machines on the market.

Maximum productivity

The Q500 is equipped with Trotec core technology that has been tried and tested for decades. These trademarks set standards for your productivity:
The Q500 delivers the finest engravings up to a font size of 4 pt with sharp shoulders and defined details at up to 2m/s. The Trotec drive concept delivers the speed and ensures that it is more than a data sheet value.

Efficient and intuitive work

The JobControl® laser software was developed to be easy to use and highly efficient. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Trotec JobControl® facilitates your daily work with the laser and supports you with perfect results. Work in your usual graphics program and simply send your jobs to the laser using a printer driver. As well as being easy to use, JobControl® offers a variety of intelligent options. For example, the JobTime Calculator, bi-directional communication, markers, vector sorting, job preview and a number of others. The JobControl® Vision camera system makes it easy to cut printed materials with a perfect fit.

InPack Technology

Protects all sensitive components of the laser engraving machine such as the lens, mirror or motor from dust. You save time and money.

Standard equipment

Improves the laser engraving on many materials while also protecting the optics of the laser engraving machine.

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Dust-free optics at all times All optics are air-flushed. Compressed air is supplied to the corresponding lens or mirror. Dust…

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This robust universal cutting table features extremely stable combs and a long service life. This is particularly suitable for cutting…

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The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. CeramiCore® stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity.

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Ensures higher productivity and lower running costs thanks to minimum maintenance and optimal protection against dust.

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Innovative laser software that offers maximum operator comfort for preparing your laser jobs. Laser engraving and laser cutting will be as easy as child's play.

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The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.

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OptiMotionTM - record cutting speed Using OptiMotion™ technology, cutting speed and acceleration are calculated based on real-time geometry. This is…

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Trotec Ruby is a new software platform and provides a new user interface. Use the integrated workflow to create graphics,…

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The water cooler prevents the laser performance from fluctuating in difficult climatic conditions.

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Optional accessories

Atmos exhaust systems filter particles and odors. They set new standards in terms of comfort during handling, efficiency, and running costs.

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The extraction device Trotec Atmos Pure 600 is equipped with two turbines and is intended for Trotec Speedy 360, Speedy…

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The cutting table with aluminum slats is mainly used for cutting thicker materials (from 8mm thick) and for parts wider…

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Dokonalé řezání potištěných materiálů s pomocí kamerového systému a detekce registračních značek.

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​Sonar Technology provides a high level of accuracy when focusing on the material being laser processed, guaranteeing a higher quality.

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The Trotec Vent series has been designed as a simple extraction system for specific configurations of laser machines. They guarantee…

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