JobControl Laser Software

Now working with the laser is really fun

The laser software JobControl® assists you perfectly during laser engraving and laser cutting. A good software will adapt to the way you work – not the other way round. JobControl® is an intuitively usable software package that will give you full control of all laser functions. The open software architecture allows you to work in your usual graphics or Windows programs (e. g. CorelDraw, Photoshop, Photopaint, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Word, Excel, etc.). You then send your layout via a printer driver to the laser machine.

The screen as a "virtual laser machine"

With JobControl®, you can make use of the size of your computer monitor instead of searching for your laser jobs in a mini display. By clicking in the screen with your mouse, you can move engraving jobs that have not yet been processed from the job list to any position in the virtual laser machine. Thanks to bidirectional communication, you can start the engraving job without leaving your workplace. In addition, JobControl® includes a large number of useful and intelligent functions that will make your work easier. Because your productivity is our goal.

The highlights of JobControl® at a glance:

  • Job favorites: Save laser settings (size, material, resolution, cut lines, etc.) for repeating jobs. Saves setup time and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Material database: Add, change or delete materials is extremely easy. In addition, materials, material groups or the complete material database can be locked against changes.
  • Photo-optimized engraving: For perfect and pin sharp engraved pictures.
  • Enhanced geometries: Cutting lines are transferred to the laser in perfect arcs/tool paths. For optimum cutting results on all materials.