Accessories for SpeedMarkers

SpeedMark Marking Software

A single software for all work steps The SpeedMark laser software was specially developed for Trotec galvo marking lasers. It

SpeedMark Vision Software

The camera based SpeedMark Vision – Smart Adjust provides highest usability and precision for positioning of marking contents directly on

DirectMark Printer Driver

Laser marking – as easy as printing With the DirectMark printer driver, your marking laser is as easy to use

Precise and Reliable Fiber Laser

The heart of the Trotec laser marking systems is a maintenance free, air cooled high-speed fiber laser. Its high quality design guarantees longest


The compact galvo desktop workstations U300 and SpeedMarker 300 can be equipped either with a mechanical Z-axis or a software-controlled

Motorized Z-axis

With the motorized z-axis you can effortlessly adjust the working distance to the workpiece. You will thus save time, and

Software-controlled z-Axis

Save time when setting the laser distance with the software-controlled z-axis. With the electric height adjustment, you adjust your marking

Focus Finder for Laser Focusing

The focus finder makes focusing the laser considerably easier. With a second pilot laser, you can accurately determine the correct working

Plug&Play Code Scanner

With the plug&play scanner, you select the marking programs directly by recording the code. Marking processes are thus even easier

Quick Response System

The Quick Response System will save you time during laser marking. With it, the pump diodes of the laser remain

Marking on the Fly

Laser marking on moving workpieces “Marking on-the-Fly” stands for the marking of moving workpieces. This type of marking is mainly

Foot switch

The foot switch enables the operation of the machine by simply pressing the operator’s feet.

Laser safety goggles

The laser safety goggles protect the eyes when working with a laser class 4 machine. Trotec offers two models, the

Illuminated Interior

The LED illuminated interior for the Trotec laserworkstations assists you with the correct component positioning and with laser focusing prior

Autostart function

You can automatically start a laser job by closing the lid. This saves time and money on everyday, often recurring

PC equipment

The SpeedMarker laser also includes a perfectly matching PC to optimize the workflow. It is fast and reliable and always