Atmos Laser Exhaust System

Atmos exhaust systems filter particles and odors. They set new standards in terms of comfort during handling, efficiency, and running costs.

Atmos exhaust systems have been designed for Trotec laser machines. They filter particles and vapors produced during the laser process.

Product features

Active environmental protection: Efficient filtering of dust and gas extends the service life of your laser engraving machine while protecting you and the environment.

Automatic power control: Thanks to the flow control technology, the exhaust rate is adjusted fully automatically depending on the saturation of the filter. You can therefore be sure that gas and dust are optimally extracted at all times.

Digital control panel: The control panel is arranged at the top of the Atmos exhaust system in an ergonomically optimized manner and can therefore be accessed easily and conveniently at all times.

Economic operation: Trotec exhaust systems have been optimized for toughest use and a long service life, ensuring maximum productivity for you through optimal combination of laser machine and exhaust system. The Atmos exhaust systems are equipped with brushless continuous flow turbines. They are completely maintenance-free.

Energy-saving mode: The Trotec JobControl® software can be used to set the running time of the turbines before and after completing the engraving process. The exhaust power is thus adjusted reliably and saves valuable energy and money by automated switch-on times.



  • Cleaning set: Assists with the cleaning of the interior of the laser and of the workpieces.
  • Sound-insulation module: Ensures reduction of running noise
  • Replacement filter
  • Replacement for activated carbon

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    Produkt: Atmos Laser Exhaust System

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      Product: Atmos Laser Exhaust System

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