SHINE CO2 OEM – industrial marking CO2 laser

Technical parameters

– CO2 laser tube, sealed, maintenance-free with an output of 30 to 400 W
– working area 70 x 70 to 850 x 850 mm
– max. marking speed: up to 6000 mm/s
– control program SCAPS Sam Light 2D

Additional parameters

– 30 and 45 W air-cooling
– 60 – 400 W water cooling
– focal length 100 – 1200 mm
– working speeds up to 850 characters/s
integrated industrial PC housed in a 2U rack

Laser system Megaflex-SHINE CO2 is a compact unit that is suitable for integration into a production line as well as for independent use. Allows permanent marking on different types of surfaces (rubber, glass, plastic, paper, wood, anodized metals …) at high speed. Using peak scanner head Megaflex-SHINE reaches highly accurate marking at high speeds. It is equipped with CO2 laser tube with air or water cooling.

The laser is suitable for marking plastics, anodized aluminum, glass, paper, rubber, etc. Version OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) is a laser class 4, without protective covers!

The system is controlled by an integrated PC software Megaflex-SCAPS, which represents a powerful vector editor with simple controls, but with maximum flexibility – both vector and bitmap graphics, set parameters of the laser, full support for all fonts (in addition laser fonts), import / export from / to major graphic formats, automatic data, serial numbers, actual date and time, barcodes, 2D codes. Moreover, the possibility of a complete external control via LAN and Internet (TCP / IP) and support for individual customer solutions – programmability and scripting (C ++, Visual Basic).

Megaflex-SHINE is specifically designed for use in industrial environments, resistant to external mechanical influences and dustproof. Using components from leading manufacturers gives the system a long life and trouble-free operation, which requires minimal maintenance.

Standard equipment

It is a very robust computer suitable for industrial environments. Properties: Long life Very fast data access is provided by…

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The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.

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Control software for even the most demanding industrial applications.

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Function Description of scanner head: Every scanner head has an inlet opening into which the laser beam is coming and…

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Optional accessories

The Atmos Nano exhaust system is the ultra compact choice for fiber laser marking applications. It has a small footprint and fits neatly beneath a workstation.

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We offer you the following focus lenses for our galvo marking lasers.       Working fields F-100 Standard: F-160…

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For integration into industrial production lines and workstations are designed galvolasers Megaflex SHINE II Fiber, Megaflex SHINE II CO2 and Trotec SpeedMarker…

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 During laser marking (especially marking in plastics, rubber, ...) often arise fumes which have to be sucked and filtered. The…

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It enables laser operation without the use of an industrial computer. This function is activated using a special key.

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Focus Finder is a tool for easy laser focusing. It uses 2 laser diodes, the image of which overlaps with the described object when properly focused.

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Depending on the license you purchased, this hardware key will allow you to: save jobs to other computers, or change…

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The Z axis is intended for refocusing the laser head. It allows you to find the optimal focus for marking…

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Laser marking on moving workpieces "Marking on-the-Fly" stands for the marking of moving workpieces. This type of marking is mainly…

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SHINE systems can be complemented with a red laser that allows you to see the the outline of the future…

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The unit is designed for marking and engraving cylindrical objects. After entering the radius of the marked object, the Megaflex…

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The compact galvo desktop workstations U300 and SpeedMarker 300 can be equipped either with a mechanical Z-axis or a software-controlled…

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