Software Megaflex SCAPS

Control software for even the most demanding industrial applications.

Megaflex-Shine marking lasers are controlled by the universal Megaflex-SCAPS program (MS Windows™ environment), whose transparent and intuitive structure allows easy setting of all marking parameters. Megaflex-SCAPS is a WYSIWYG vector editor that is very easy to use, yet offers maximum flexibility and is suitable for even the most demanding industrial applications.
Features: control of all laser parameters, recognizes main vector and bitmap graphic formats, text editing, drawing of basic geometric objects, logos (import/export), easy work with barcodes and data matrices (2D codes, datamatrix), automatic insertion of current data and time, automatic product counter, “multi-object marking”, etc. Possibility of relief engraving using the 3D module. The program allows you to simultaneously control up to two heads that mark the same task (HEAD 2 module), or to control up to 6 independent heads (MultiHead module). The program also includes a module for finding optimal marking parameters.

Possible versions: SCAPS SAMLight 2D, SCAPS 3D
Lasers: Megaflex SHINE II Fiber, Megaflex SHINE II CO2

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    Produkt: Software Megaflex SCAPS

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      Product: Software Megaflex SCAPS

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