Atmos Nano Exhaust System

The ultra compact exhaust sytem for Trotec laser machines

The Atmos Nano is designed for compact and limited spaces and perfectly suited for fiber laser marking applications. The exhaust system delivers Trotec's intelligent exhaust features like the energy-saving mode, FlowControl technology, and quick and convenient filter changes. It filters gases and particles that are < 1 micron and not visible to the naked eye, thanks to the HEPA filter construction.

  • FlowControl Technology: Thanks to the flow control technology, the exhaust power is fully automatic adjusted depending on the saturation of the filter. So you can be sure that gases and dust are optimally extracted for all applications, and a constant flow of air is guaranteed.
  • Small footprint: With 399x328x540 mm (DxWxH) the exhaust system is ultra compact.
  • Bi-directional control: Atmos exhaust systems communicate with Trotec JobControl®, SpeedMark or DirectMark Software. The software starts automatically when the laser processing begins, and stop as soon as the job is finished. In addition, processing notifications and warnings are displayed in the software.
  • Brushless turbines: Atmos exhaust systems are equipped with brushless continuous flow turbines. They are completely maintenance-free.
  • Digital control panel: The control panel is easily accessible. It is operated via the membrane keypad including digital display of filter saturation, air flow, operating hours, and speed range.
  • Energy-saving mode: The Trotec JobControl® software can be used to set the run time of the turbines before and after completing the engraving process. The exhaust power is reliably and continuously adjusted and saves valuable energy and money by automated switch-on times.
  • Convenient filter exchange: The filter can easily be replaced if necessary. Simply open the lid cover, remove the filter, and insert the new filter. The combi-filter consist of a pre-filter mat, HEPA filter, and activated carbon. This design guarantees a long lifetime of the filter and is cost effective.