Prefilter VA5

Prefilters: Pre-separators for high-dust laser engraving and cutting applications

Trotec offers an exhaust system specially designed for engraving or cutting of materials that produce a great amount of dust, such as e. g. wood or stamp rubber. In addition to the exhaust system, we recommend the use of a pre-filter, a so-called pre-separator. This exhaust system has been designed specifically for laser engraving and laser cutting applications and ensures that coarse particles and dust are simply separated from the exhaust air before entering the filter of the exhaust system. This increases the service life of the filters of your exhaust system significantly. The pre-filter cartridge is cleaned manually, or optionally fully automatically. Where sticky dust particles and gases are produced, as for instance wood dust or acrylic vapors, the pre-separator can be combined with an additive dosing unit to prolong the service life of the filter.

The benefits of a prefilter

  • Prolongs the service life of the filter
  • Reduces the costs for replacement filters
  • Is very easy to use
  • Requires only little space thanks to its compact design