Atmos Cube Exhaust System

Technical parameters
  • compact or pocket filter
  • approx. 9 kg of special activated carbon
  • max. air flow 250 m3/h
  • dimensions 605 x 675 x 595 mm (Rayjet), 605 x 955 x 595 mm (Speedy)
  • automatic switching on and off – operator error eliminated!
Additional parameters
  • maintenance – free brushless motor
  • LCD display with acoustic and optical warning
  • exhaust status information on the screen
  • automatic prompt to change filters
  • automatic power control depending on filter clogging
  • digital operating hours counter

Continuous improvement has led to the development of the latest system in the Atmos portfolio. The Atmos Cube replaces the Atmos Compact. The Atmos Cube extraction system forms a single unit with the laser engraving and thus saves great space. It can be placed directly under the laser and is thus also a supporting element. Filters dust particles and odors.

FlowControl – air flow control

Constant air flow
Two-way communication with laser incl. power save mode
Ergonomic digital display

High performance filter

Improved filter with the highest filtration capacity in its class. More than three times longer filter life than comparable exhausts. A pocket filter built into the MDF box can be used. Economical solution for applications where high performance is not required. Advanced filter fixation with one-handed lever mechanism for quick and easy filter replacement.

Activated carbon

Use of a comfortable bag with activated carbon. Tool-free lever removal. Quick and easy replacement of activated carbon. Free placement of activated carbon for optimal filtration efficiency.

Noise level

Reduction of the average noise level from 68 db to approximately 60 db. The 10 dB difference is perceived as half the noise level. 60 db corresponds to a conversation in a restaurant.

Standard hose connections with double seal for tight and easy attachment. Standard diameter 80 mm. Atmos Cube is designed for RayJet 50 and Speedy 100 lasers. It can also be used for Speedy 300 laser, but not with a vacuum table.

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