Trotec SpeedMarker 50 – flexible and fast industrial laser in class 4

Technical parameters
  • pulse maintenance-free fiber laser with a power of 20, 30 or 50W. 20W MOPA, 100W MOPA
  • working area 70 x 70 to 310 x 310 mm
  • max. fiber marking speed: 15,500 mm/s
  • Iradion CO2 laser with a power of 45, 60 or 120W
  • working surface 65 x 65 to 535 x 535 mm
  • max. marking speed for CO2: 7,700 mm/s
Additional parameters
  • external dimensions: 449 x 559 x 177 mm
  • industrial computer with Windows operating system and SpeedMark software
  • DirectMark printer driver

Ultimate flexibility

Industrial users often face the challenge of marking a broad range of differently sized and bulky parts. Since the SpeedMarker 50 is designed without housing and as open laserclass 4 system, the machine is ideal for marking such items. The intiuitive software package SpeedMark assists the operator and is able to process variable data. It also can communicate with external systems (e.g. databases) and guarantees a flawless work process.

Many applications, one tool

The built-in high-speed fiber laser is perfect for markings on metals and many plastics. Depending on the chosen marking process and material, it is even possible to mark parts without a tangible depression on the surface (e.g. annealing of stainless steel for medical instruments). A focus finder and an electrical Z-axis makes precise focussing easy and reduce the number of rejects.
The SpeedMarker 50 is also available with a CO2 laser, which is especially suitable for organic materials such as paper, glass, stone and many more.

Typical applications include:

  • Direct marking of machine parts or medical instruments and implants
  • Data plates and industrial tags
  • Laser marking of plastic parts in the automotive industry
  • Legally required information

One software package for every requirement

The specifically for the SpeedMarker Series developed software SpeedMark offers automated marking processes and provides program modules for typical marking tasks (for example producing serial numbers or codes). Without any special programming knowledge any user can adjust these modules and create your individual marking programs using a graphical workflow chart. Choose between simple direct command or fully automated marking – the software will support you optimally in your daily marking processes.

Standard equipment

The focus finder makes focusing the laser considerably easier. With a second pilot laser, you can accurately determine the correct working…

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Optional accessories

The Atmos Nano exhaust system is the ultra compact choice for fiber laser marking applications. It has a small footprint and fits neatly beneath a workstation.

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The foot switch enables the operation of the machine by simply pressing the operator's feet.

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