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With the U-series marking lasers, you can quickly and easily mark individual pieces as well as small and medium batches. Thanks to the maintenance-free fiber laser source, plastics can be recolored and metals can be permanently marked directly – without the use of sprays or pastes. The U-Series products are equipped with high-quality optical elements and scanners – both components provide precisely marked components.

Process dynamic data at high speed

The UMark software enables you to mark your information on the object in no time at all. This allows you to generate codes, import data files or graphics, and create texts. The software also has a material database so that you can mark with the correct parameters as quickly as possible. You can also add your own parameters to this database.

Save time with Bordermarking

The special highlight of the U Series is the Bordermarking function – this allows you to project the surface to be marked or even the contour onto the component at any time, position it in real time and, if necessary, correct it with a mouse click.

The best engraving quality thanks to high quality optics

High-quality lenses and an excellent laser spot guarantee a perfect application result for your marking. This allows even the smallest details to be marked precisely. Functions such as polishing and deep engraving ensure legibility even on demanding materials.

Independent and flexible through Ethernet

Due to the newly integrated interface, the laser can be controlled with any Windows PC. This means that you are no longer tied to the functionality of an Industrial PC‘s. Simply plug in and laser – you will be surprised how much time you will save!

Stay safe and productive

The marking laser only works when the U300 door is closed. The reason for laser class 2 is the built-in laser, which allows you to quickly and easily align your work materials. This means that no special protective devices are required – the operator can work safely at any time.

Basic set-up

The focus finder makes focusing the laser considerably easier. With a second pilot laser, you can accurately determine the correct working distance without any tools. You thus ensure precise laser marking and save time during work preparation.
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Aligning the work material is easy and quick thanks to the installed laser pointer. It accurately indicates the marking as well as edges and bores on the workpiece. This function makes material handling easier and will save you time during work preparation.
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Reduce processing time by up to 80% With the integrated galvo technology, our marking lasers are among the fastest marking lasers available in the market. Compared to conventional laser plotters, you can reduce the processing time of your jobs by up to 80%. Speed advantage thanks to galvo technology The galvo technology is based on two very fast moving mirrors that deflect the laser beam in …
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The LED illuminated interior for the Trotec laserworkstations assists you with the correct component positioning and with laser focusing prior to the marking job. It can be switched off from outside the machine.
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The heart of the Trotec laser marking systems is a maintenance free, air cooled high-speed fiber laser. Its high quality design guarantees longest life even under hardest conditions. Mark up to 640 characters per second; it is available with 10 to 50 watts power.
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Save time when setting the laser distance with the software-controlled z-axis. With the electric height adjustment, you adjust your marking laser to different workpiece heights. Laser focusing will thus be successful for any application.
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Using UMark software, you can create content directly in your software and import it. Visual programming with a graphical user interface is compelling. Choose the correct parameter from the database and start the marking process. UMark supports all standard non-proportional fonts, TrueType fonts, 1D and 2D barcodes, and image formats. UMark software is equipped with a DirectMark printer …
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Optional accessories

The Atmos Nano exhaust system is the ultra compact choice for fiber laser marking applications. It has a small footprint and fits neatly beneath a workstation.
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We offer you the following focus lenses for our galvo marking lasers.       Working fields F-100 Standard: F-160 F-254 F-420 70 x 70 mm 120 x 120 mm 190 x 190 mm 310 x 310 mm Focus diameter ~ 27 µm ~ 45 µm ~ 68 µm ~ 112 µm
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The laser safety goggles protect the eyes when working with a laser class 4 machine. Trotec offers two models, the larger version can be worn over corrective glasses.
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