Exhaust system EKO 121

 During laser marking (especially marking in plastics, rubber, ) often arise fumes which have to be sucked and filtered. The two main reasons are as follows:

  • Protecting of focusing lens: Dirt adhering to the lens can dramatically reduce lifetime of the lens.
  • Hygiene standards: When marking some materials (especially plastics) can rise substances dangerous to human health.

Advantages: it is an extractor with an asynchronous motor and a frequency converter, this extractor is suitable for continuous operation.


SHINE Fiber II is a modern, compact laser marking and engraving system ideal for integration into production lines or individual workstations. Laser is suitable for permanent marking of metals and plastics, engraving in places inaccessible to ordinary tools, deep engraving and so on. OEM products (Original Equipment Manufacture) is a laser class 4, without protective covers!

System for industrial marking and labeling of metals and plastics, providing the latest fiber laser. Integrated PC control program SCAPS Light 2D (also available for the 3D version), standard lens with a focal length of 160 mm and max. surface of 110 x 110 mm (the next version of the 100 / 60×60 mm, 254 / 180×180 mm or 420 / 280×280 mm) laser YLP 10 – 50W, safety category 4 as OEM, Miniscan scanhead series. The device is ideal for industrial description and can be easily integrated into new or existing production lines. It can be used as a stand-alone workstation, for example with Megaflex SHINE Workstation (protection class 1).


Megaflex-Shine is controlled by a universal software Megaflex-SCAPS (MS Windows ™), whose transparent and intuitive structure allows you easy adjustment of all parameters of marking. Megaflex-SCAPS is a WYSIWYG vector editor, which is very easy to operate, while providing maximum flexibility and is suitable for even the most demanding industrial applications:

control of all laser parameters: power, pulse frequency and speed of marking …
identifies the main vector and bitmap graphics formats (* .plt, * .dxf, * .dwg, * .cmx, * .tif, * .pcx, * .bmp, svg, emf, MCL, twain, ai etc.)
editing of texts (laser and Windows ™ True-Type fonts), resize, rotate, skew, perspective, shading etc.
– d
rawing of basic geometric objects (point, line, polygon, rectangle, ellipse …), logos (import / export)
– e
asy to work with barcodes and data matrix (2D bar codes, data matrix)
automatic generation of barcode or 2D code on a database or input data
automatically inserting the current date and time
automatic counter of products
“Multi-object marking” – option to set custom laser parameters for each object (marking / cutting in one motif)
programming and scripting – change labeled theme based on input data (generic algorithm)
– o
ptimization of marking speed – preview editor
complete documentation
– c
reate your own user management applications (Visual Basic, C ++)
ensure safe operation (emergencies and alarm monitoring)
the price includes 12 months free upgrade to a higher version of SW

Excellent price / performance ratio

up to 100,000 hours extremely long life of the laser source
suitable for integration into production lines and independent solutions
– m
ade in Czech Republic
no wearing parts
no consumables such as. ink etc.
maintenance free – regularly cleaned only output laser lens
– e
quipment laser safety class 4


Laser system Megaflex-SHINE CO2 is a compact unit that is suitable for integration into a production line as well as for independent use. Allows permanent marking on different types of surfaces (rubber, glass, plastic, paper, wood, anodized metals …) at high speed. Using peak scanner head Megaflex-SHINE reaches highly accurate marking at high speeds. It is equipped with CO2 laser tube with air or water cooling.

The laser is suitable for marking plastics, anodized aluminum, glass, paper, rubber, etc. Version OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) is a laser class 4, without protective covers!

The system is controlled by an integrated PC software Megaflex-SCAPS, which represents a powerful vector editor with simple controls, but with maximum flexibility – both vector and bitmap graphics, set parameters of the laser, full support for all fonts (in addition laser fonts), import / export from / to major graphic formats, automatic data, serial numbers, actual date and time, barcodes, 2D codes. Moreover, the possibility of a complete external control via LAN and Internet (TCP / IP) and support for individual customer solutions – programmability and scripting (C ++, Visual Basic).

Megaflex-SHINE is specifically designed for use in industrial environments, resistant to external mechanical influences and dustproof. Using components from leading manufacturers gives the system a long life and trouble-free operation, which requires minimal maintenance.

Workstation SERVANT 1000F – stand-alone

Workstation with a height of 1891 mm, floor plan 996 x 750 mm and an interior space of 630 x 772 mm. Standard with fixed table, electric Z-axis, manually raised front door and lockable side door. Design for comfortable work of seated or standing operators. With optional accessories, the station can be adapted to the needs of marking. These include a pull-out table or carousel for fast and accurate insertion of marked objects, an automatic SW-controlled Z axis and an automatically raised front window. The basic work surface can be extended by installing an X-axis, or use a cross XY table. Cylindrical objects can be marked around the perimeter using a rotary unit with a chuck. Connection for a polluted air extractor, lighting of a protected area.

Workstations are standalone units equipped with laser for marking or engraving of objects from metal, plastic and other materials. According to the needs of our customers are equipped with lasers SHINE Fiber or SHINE CO2. The systems are operated with comfortable SCAPS software, allows you to work in Windows 10 (32 + 64 bit).

Main advantages:

  • building of systems to bespoke
  • flexibility of workstations
  • marking of cylindrical surfaces
  • high productivity
  • simple comfortable operation
  • user-friendly software
  • wide range of optional equipment

Workstation – special

Integrating of laser Shine into production line.

With a large number of marked product built the laser directly into the production line or building of a dedicated device is the right solution. Lasers SHINE,  thanks to their technological properties directly, are predestined for robust, reliable but simple integration.

Advantages of Workstation – Special from MEGAFLEX:

– adapted to specific customer requirements
– admeasure of working distance
camera validation system
programmable features – adaptation to changing of production
– Siemens PLC
– integration into existing production lines
– CE certificate, service documentation according to the standards, manual
hazard assessment

Mechanical Z-axis – standalone

The Z axis is intended for refocusing the laser head. It allows you to find the optimal focus for marking and engraving in a smooth motion.

Mechanical Z-axis – complete

The modular design of the servant station is equipped as standard with a manual Z-axis drive.

Option – Upgrade from mechanical to automatic Z-axis

Automatic Z-axis – complete

The modular design of the Servant station, which is equipped with a manual Z-axis drive as standard, can also be equipped with a motorized Z-axis.

Control via touch LCD panel – allows you to quickly move the Z axis to the desired position using the buttons.
Laser software control – thanks to Scaps software, you can have several Z-axis passes stored in each job

Upgrade from mechanical to automatic Z-axis

The modular design of the Servant station, which is, among other things, equipped as standard with a manual Z-axis drive, allows additional integration of the actuator to this axis.

Control via touch LCD panel – allows you to quickly move the Z axis to the desired position using the buttons.
Laser software control – thanks to Scaps software, you can have several Z-axis passes stored in each job

LED cabin lighting

The LED backlight allows you to better position the marked object in the cabin space under the laser head.

The lighting is switched on and off via the touch LCD panel.