USB and Ethernet interface between Laser & Software

Complete control of the laser from your screen

Trotec laser systems are standardly connected to a personal computer with a USB cable, which is used to transfer commands. However, the USB cable is also used to transfer signals from the laser back to the computer. This allows you to perform the following actions from your computer, among others:
  • Start and stop the laser
  • Displaying information about the exact position of the laser head using a crosshair. This enables accurate product placement.
  • Changing the speed and power of the laser during work
  • Monitoring the job processing progress
  • Starting the repetition of the task from the laser engraver
  • Reading information about the degree of clogging of the filters in the extractor
  • Display of parameters in laser settings
The latest Trotec models Speedy 400 Run on Ruby and Speedy 360 Run on Ruby are connect to the control PC via an Ethernet interface. This offers a higher transmission speed and, above all, a new possibility to connect to the laser from any PC with installed RUBY program located on the same computer network. This offers completely new possibilities for sharing laser engravers.