Trotec SpeedMarker GS 1000

​Laser system for high volume paper finishing

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Customize your paper products with laser cutting and engraving

Whether business cards, brochures, packaging or labels – use of laser cutting or engraving increases the quality and selling prices of these products. By engraving of logos, individual laser cutting of names and ultra-sophisticated ornaments you set yourself apart from the competition.

Expand your range of services with a laser system

A SpeedMarker GS 1000 enables you to create products that would be impossible without a laser system. Expand your range with additional services such as register-accurate contour cutting, finest geometries of engraving or perforation of printed materials. Short runs thus become highly profitable.

Perfect finishing thanks to register accuracy

Register mark detection allows printed paper to be cut delicately and engraved individually. Printing deviations are detected by the SpeedMark Vision software, and the cutting path is automatically adjusted. No matter whether the distortion is linear or non-linear. The cutting lines always match the printing perfectly.

Modular design: Automation and integration

The SpeedMarker GS offers – precisely according to your requirements – various automation options, such as a fully automated solution with a flat pile feeder and sheet stacker. Integration into your existing data management is possible without any problems. Its modular design allows the SpeedMarker GS to grow with your success and to be expanded at any time.

Basic set-up

Reduce processing time by up to 80% With the integrated galvo technology, our marking lasers are among the fastest marking lasers available in the market. Compared to conventional laser plotters, you can reduce the processing time of your jobs by up to 80%. Speed advantage thanks to galvo technology The galvo technology is based on two very fast moving mirrors that deflect the laser beam in …
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The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.
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The SpeedMarker laser also includes a perfectly matching PC to optimize the workflow. It is fast and reliable and always a state-of-the art model.
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Save time when setting the laser distance with the software-controlled z-axis. With the electric height adjustment, you adjust your marking laser to different workpiece heights. Laser focusing will thus be successful for any application.
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A single software for all work steps The SpeedMark laser software was specially developed for Trotec galvo marking lasers. It is especially suited for automatic marking processes and covers all work steps from data and graphic import and serialization through to the generation of barcodes. In addition, the SpeedMark user interface can be customized by macros to ensure optimal adaptation to …
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Vodní chladič zabraňuje kolísání výkonu laseru ve složitých klimatických podmínkách.
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Optional accessories

Marking round objects Marking cylindrical and curved objects with the laser requires a rotary engraving unit. Using it, it is possible to mark on the rotating object to make sure that your marking is brought out in an ideal manner. Software-controlled laser marking The SpeedMark laser software provided by Trotec automatically adapts graphics and texts to the curved surface of the workpiece. …
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Trotec Atmos Duo exhaust system is designed for lasers Trotec Speedy 300, Speedy 360, Speedy 400, Q400, Q500, SP500 and SP1500. Electronics allows to control the device using a laser engraving machine from software A.D. Logic. Exhaust activity is monitored by software and operator is informed on time about eg. a state of filters and automatically prompts you to change them. The two-stage cleaning …
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Nožní spínač umožňuje provoz stroje jednoduchým stiskem nohou obsluhy.
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The camera based SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust provides highest usability and precision for positioning of marking contents directly on the work piece. By showing a camera image directly in the GUI (graphical user interface) of SpeedMark software, it is possible to place markings or to create new marking contents directly on the surface of the object.
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