Trotec RayJet 300

Ideal for professional engravers and first time buyers

When you want to engrave, cut or mark, the Rayjet is easy to use, accurate, fast and reliable.

Universal CO2 laser engraving machine combining the advantages of Rayjet and Speedy 300 lasers. Ideal for professionals and for your entry into the world of engraving. Easy installation and intuitive operation with Rayjet Manager, simple operation and maintenance. Software focusing, laser pointer, ferromagnetic working table and electronically controlled workbench height already included in the basic price. With optional accessories (vacuum table, cutting table, acrylic cutting grid, interchangeable lenses, blowing engraving site, rotator) you can increase operator comfort or expand material processing options. With the Rayjet 300 you can engrave rubber stamps, describe promotional items, make orientation systems, labels, cut architectural models from wood or acrylic or even cut plastics.

Rayjet Manager software.

Several available graphics programs can be used to create a template or text, but CorelDRAW is optimal. Laser jobs are generated from the graphics program using the printer driver and then queued in the Rayjet Manager. To make the job even easier, the software includes a set of preset parameters for different materials. The user can freely change all settings as needed.

New Rayjet Manager features added:

  • optimized for WIN 10
  • virtual desktop
  • materials database
  • time calculator for engraving and cutting
  • zoom function
  • setting the starting position of the laser
  • possibility to set laser parking


You can rent the Rayjet 300 with a power of 60 W for a month, a year or 4 years, including a professional exhaust system. Insurance and guarantee of functionality free of charge for the entire rental period! After the end of the lease, you can decide on a new lease – or buy the machine.

standard accessories:

  • Rayjet Manager control program
  • software focusing
  • laser Pointer
  • electronically controlled Z axis
  • electronically controlled Atmos Mono extraction device with two-stage filtration (dust and odor)
  • 1.5 “lens
  • trolley table
  • training of operation and maintenance of the engraver when taking over the equipment in Megaflex

optional items:

  • blowing of the work surface (recommended) for an additional monthly rent of CZK 453
  • cutting table (recommended for cutting) for an additional monthly rent of CZK 306
  • rotary attachment with cones for engraving cylindrical objects around the perimeter for an additional monthly rent of CZK 895
  • lighting of the work surface for an additional monthly rent of CZK 206 per month
  • autofocus for additional monthly rent CZK 336 per month
  • increased protection against dust for an additional monthly rent of CZK 444 per month
  • transport to the customer (including training): price according to the distance from the seat of MEGAFLEX for the price of 16 CZK / km

You can arrange a lease for a definite period of time:

  • 48 consecutive calendar months for CZK 18,415 per month
  • 12 consecutive calendar months for CZK 26,329 per month
  • 1 calendar month for CZK 36,871

All listed prices are without value added tax (VAT).

After the end of the lease, you can decide on a new lease – or buy the machine.

The lease includes full and free service with a guarantee of the machine’s function within 3 days and the usual equipment insurance.

Model contract for the lease of a Rayjet 300 laser engraver

General insurance conditions for electronics insurance

Additional insurance conditions to the insurance contract

Special insurance conditions for technical property insurance

The Lessee has the right to terminate the contract at any time without giving a reason within three months.

The device is designed and manufactured for the “Plug and Ray” system, ie “Connect and Engrave”. Installation and startup does not require any special skills or knowledge and can be easily mastered by any more experienced computer user. But you can also have it installed by us.

For detail and possible completion of your equipment rental agreement, please contact us.

Basic set-up

Atmos exhaust systems filter particles and odors. They set new standards in terms of comfort during handling, efficiency, and running costs.
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Sends feedback messages from the laser to the computer. This allows you to control essential functions directly from the computer.
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The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. CeramiCore® stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity.
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Controls essential functions of the exhaust system from the computer.
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The working table is ferro-magnetic over the entire surface. This means that you can simply use magnets to hold thin materials, such as paper, foils or films, in place.
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Ensures higher productivity and lower running costs thanks to minimum maintenance and optimal protection against dust.
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The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.
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Find the right lens for achieving optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting with Trotec laser machines.
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Rayjet Manager is based on Trotec's industry-leading software concept. With Rayjet Manager software and Rayjet Commander printer driver, files are sent from all graphics and CAD programs directly to the laser cutter for guaranteed compatibility. With Trotec's software and driver, motion and laser processes are perfectly matched to maximize system performance. Our one-click setup lets you get up …
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With the Software Autofocus, the laser beam is focused for laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting with just one press of the button.
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Optional accessories

Universal cutting table for thin plexiglass cutting up to 8 mm thickness without reflection. As with the black aluminum cutting lamellas, parts of less than 100 mm remain flat when cut and do not fall through the grid.
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Improves the laser engraving on many materials while also protecting the optics of the laser engraving machine.
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Trotec Atmos Mono exhaust system is designed to Trotec lasers for the production of rubber stamps. Electronics allows to control the device using a laser engraving machine from software A.D. Logic. Exhaust activity is monitored by software and operator is informed on time about eg. a state of filters and automatically prompts you to change them. The two-stage cleaning system - a compact dust …
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Light barriers for optimal adjustment of working height and focusing.
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Univerzální samostředící sklíčidlo, které je upraveno pro namontování na standardní rotátor Trotec. Sklíčídlo umožňuje nejen přímo upínat předměty, ale i nejrůznější adaptéry, držáky, apod.
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Při dělení materiálů lze volitelně použít řezací stůl Honeycomb. Použitím řezacího stolu se omezují zpětné odrazy od pracovního stolu, které mohou způsobit poškození spodní části řezaného materiálu.
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Provides optimum protection against dust penetration as it seals the engraving compartment.
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Mechanický předfiltr k laseru je vhodný zejména pro výrobce razítkových štočků. Pasivní zařízení s vysokým stupněm filtrace se zapojí mezi laser a odsávač a jeho úkolem je zachytit co největší množství prachu a prodloužit tak životnost hlavního mechanického filtru v odsávači.
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Prefilters: Pre-separators for high-dust laser engraving and cutting applications Trotec offers an exhaust system specially designed for engraving or cutting of materials that produce a great amount of dust, such as e. g. wood or stamp rubber. In addition to the exhaust system, we recommend the use of a pre-filter, a so-called pre-separator. This exhaust system has been designed …
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Is required for laser engraving round, cylindrical and conical objects, such as glasses or bottles. Simply insert it in the engraving compartment and attach.
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The trolley table converts your Speedy into a standing unit. Also available with storage shelf for essential materials.
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The vacuum table holds the material in place on the work table and reduces the handling effort during fastening of the material.
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The Trotec Vent series has been designed as a simple extraction system for specific configurations of laser machines. They guarantee optimal suction performance. The average acoustic noise level is 88 dB. If the fans are operated in workshops, it is recommended to use cabins with noise reduction. Noise reduction is approximately 12 db. The fan can also be used to extract fumes during …
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