ProMarker 100

Professional laser marking, as easy as printing

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Full flexibility

The ProMarker offers high-speed laser marking in class 4. The compact marking station has been developed without housing and therefore you can mark literally every part, no matter which size or shape, fast and durable. Use your daily graphics, label or CAD software to design the marking content and send it to the laser with a simple printer driver command.

Flexible applications

Mark plastic and metal parts in large lot sizes economically with the fiber laser. With a built-in laser pointer the part set up is easy, also due to the prezise Z-post or optional electrical Z-axis. Some typical applications include:

  • Part marking
  • Data plates
  • Promotional articles, gifts and jewelry
  • Legally required markings e.g. on medical instruments and implants

Laser control via software DirectMark

Forget about time consuming data imports or complicated laser operation. Simply design the content in your common program and then send it with a simple printing command to the laser – it’s that easy! All laser settings can be done in the printer window. A material database assists in finding the right laser settings and recurring jobs and materials can be saved.

SpeedMarker 300

You have more industrial applications and want to connect your laser marking station with databases or ERP-Systems? Therefore we recommend our SpeedMarker 300 system.

Basic set-up

The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.
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The ProMarker 300 package also includes a perfectly matching PC to optimize the workflow. It is fast and reliable and always a state-of-the art model.
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The heart of the Trotec laser marking systems is a maintenance free, air cooled high-speed fiber laser. Its high quality design guarantees longest life even under hardest conditions. Mark up to 640 characters per second; it is available with 10 to 50 watts power.
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Laser marking – as easy as printing With the DirectMark printer driver, your marking laser is as easy to use as an office printer. Using its vectorizing function, you can send the files from your usual graphics program directly to the laser machine for marking. No intermediate step is required and work preparation is reduced to a minimum. And you require no previous knowledge for using the …
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Reduce processing time by up to 80% With the integrated galvo technology, our marking lasers are among the fastest marking lasers available in the market. Compared to conventional laser plotters, you can reduce the processing time of your jobs by up to 80%. Speed advantage thanks to galvo technology The galvo technology is based on two very fast moving mirrors that deflect the laser beam in …
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Optional accessories

The laser safety goggles protect the eyes when working with a laser class 4 machine. Trotec offers two models, the larger version can be worn over corrective glasses.
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With the motorized z-axis you can effortlessly adjust the working distance to the workpiece. You will thus save time, and the laser will be focused accurately.
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Trotec galvo lasers can be optimally adapted to your work processes and materials. Choose from different laser powers (10-50 watt) and marking field sizes and customize the optimal marking solution for you. For integration into existing systems, our marking lasers are equipped with several 24V inputs and outputs. In addition, up to four additional directly controllable axes can be connected.
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The Atmos Nano exhaust system is the ultra compact choice for fiber laser marking applications. It has a small footprint and fits neatly beneath a workstation.
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The focus finder makes focusing the laser considerably easier. With a second pilot laser, you can accurately determine the correct working distance without any tools. You thus ensure precise laser marking and save time during work preparation.
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We offer you the following focus lenses for our galvo marking lasers.       Working fields F-100 Standard: F-160 F-254 F-420 70 x 70 mm 120 x 120 mm 190 x 190 mm 310 x 310 mm Focus diameter ~ 27 µm ~ 45 µm ~ 68 µm ~ 112 µm
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Marking round objects Marking cylindrical and curved objects with the laser requires a rotary engraving unit. Using it, it is possible to mark on the rotating object to make sure that your marking is brought out in an ideal manner. Software-controlled laser marking The SpeedMark laser software provided by Trotec automatically adapts graphics and texts to the curved surface of the workpiece. …
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