Personalized Laser Engraving of iPhone & iPad

Laser engraving of smartphones, tablet PC's & laptops

Personalized laser engravings are the trend

Personalized designs and logos on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, laptops and tablet PC’s are in strong demand. Whether you wish to engrave signatures, logos or finger prints – with Trotec laser engraving machines, you can engrave a wide range of different graphics with the laser.

Laser marking of aluminum and plastic housings

Most housings of smartphones and laptops are made of anodized aluminum and coated plastics. While a CO2 laser is best suited for marking anodized aluminum, you will require a fiber laser for engraving plastics. The unique Trotec Speedy 300 flexx combines both laser sources in one machine and is therefore the perfect tool for clean and precise laser engraving of smartphones, tablets, etc.