Marking with Barcodes & Serial Numbers

Laser marking of products and electronic components

Traceability of products

Serial numbers and codes are used for tracing products from the manufacturer through to the end user. QR codes and barcodes have therefore become indispensable in the logistics industry and in trade. International guidelines and standards, such as UID, GS1, ASTM, UPC and EAN, generally require the use of codes for marking products in international goods traffic.

Laser marking as permanent identification

Laser marking is ideally suited for coding products, components and packaging, above all thanks to the precision and durability it provides. Marking with the laser is gentle on the material and at the same time extremely resistant to mechanical stress, light or weather influences. Your code markings and serial numbers thus remain well legible for the scanner throughout the dispatch route.

Marking lasers from Trotec

Trotec marking lasers ensure precise marking and stand out by their long service life. In addition, our marking software facilitates the generation of consecutive codes. Trotec marking lasers are suited for product identification and electronic component marking with serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, datamatrix codes and many other types of coding.