Marking of stainless steel

Marking of stainless steel

The ideal solution for marking of stainless steel materials is fiber laser MEGAFLEX SHINE Fiber, which changes color of stainless steel surfaces by annealing, creating a bright, contrasting marking. However, if you do not have available fiber laser, it can be successfully used CO2 laser in conjunction with a special material, which after applying and laser marking creates a high contrast black and totally resistant marking on the surface.

Marking of stainless steel by fiber laser

For marking of stainless steel materials is ideal laser MEGAFLEX SHINE Fiber, which changes the color of the surface of stainless steel and creates a clear contrast and marking without using additional materials. Fiber laser unlike CO2 laser also allows engraving of stainless, even to a greater depth of material. Lasers excel with the speed of marking and ease of maintenance. Options for marking of stainless steel:

  • Engraving - With engraving depth increases proportionally with the number of repetitions
  • Annealing - For annealing of stainless steel is an important defocusing of the beam. Usually we defocus over the focus point.
  • Polishing - We will achieve by higher speed of marking in combination with de-focusing or higher speed and higher frequency.

For marking or engraving stainless steel materials by fiber laser it can be use flatbed lasers Trotec Speedy 100 fiber, Speedy 300 fiber and Speedy 400 fiber. These lasers are equipped with fast and precise mechanics with large work surface and they can be mark with a larger number of pieces of products in a single job.

Marking of stainless steel by CO2 laser

For marking of stainless steel, it is possible to use multiple materials because most of them have universal application. But if we really should choose the most appropriate one, then it will be LMM 6000. We will achieve it the highest contrast markings. It comes as a paste (pack of 50, 100, 250 and 1000 grams) or spray (340 g).