Laser Marking of Surgical Instruments and Medical Implants

Biocompatible. Traceable. Economical.

Guaranteed biocompability of medical implants and instruments

Laser markings are resistant against acids, cleaning solutions or body liquids. Depending on the marking process the surface structure is not to be damaged – which means that no germs can settle and instruments can be kept clean and sterile easily. Even if implants remain in the body for a longer time, no substances from the mark that might harm the individual become detached.

Traceable: important in medical technology

The marked contents are clearly legible (also electronically) even when used heavily and after hundreads of cleaning runs. This guarantees absolute part identification and traceability.


Due to the minimum running costs and set up times the costs per mark stay constantly low - whether if single run or mass production. Choose between standard machine or system solution for automation and integration.