Laser Engraving & Marking Promotional Products

Ball pens, Zippos, USB sticks, etc.

Individual marking

Whether ball pens, USB sticks, T-shirts or Zippos® – laser engraving of creative advertising gifts is the icing on the cake. Laser marked individualized promotional products are sure to leave a lasting impression. Use the CO2 laser for a perfect finish of wood, acrylic, textiles or glass. The fiber laser engraves and marks metals and plastics as well as stainless steel, untreated aluminum, bronze, ABS, polycarbonate or polyamide. And it does so significantly more efficiently, faster and at less cost than has previously been possible by advertising printing.

Your advantage: Save time, money and material.

With fiber laser technology, you can mark and engrave extremely fast while there are no costs for consumables, such as inks, chemicals, pastes or sprays. Produce perfect results and new effects. Impress your clients with photo engraving or a polished surface.